Project Manager



Project Manager – Home Town, Laurel

Ben Barnes, the new Project Manager for our Home Town crew in Laurel, brings his expertise from the vibrant construction landscape of Houston, Texas. A dedicated and accomplished Residential Construction Project Manager, Ben has established himself as a standout in the field.

A proud alumnus of Baylor University, Ben’s journey in the construction industry has been defined by his passion for transforming architectural visions into stunning, livable realities. With a meticulous approach to every project, he ensures that each home he touches is a testament to precision and excellence.

Ben’s professional repertoire includes overseeing every aspect of residential construction, from the initial design concept to the final finishing touches. His commitment to excellence ensures that every home under his supervision reflects the highest standards of craftsmanship. Barnes is not only a distinguished Residential Construction Project Manager but also holds OSHA certification, underlining his unwavering commitment to safety and industry best practices. His dedication to maintaining a secure work environment is a cornerstone of his professional ethos.

Beyond the construction site, Ben boasts a remarkable athletic background, earning recognition as an All-Conference lacrosse player in college. His achievements in sports mirror his qualities of discipline, leadership, and excellence, which he brings to his construction projects. Ben embraces an active lifestyle, channeling his boundless energy into various physical pursuits. This passion reflects his commitment to ensuring that every project he manages is executed with vigor and precision.

As a Residential Construction Project Manager at Norman Construction, Ben Barnes continues to be a driving force in the construction industry. He combines his knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm to craft homes that are not just dwellings but works of art, built to the highest standards of craftsmanship and safety.